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Updated March 01, 2007


Wings - WILD LIFE (Apple PCS 7142) − logo

 Label (Company): Apple
 Country: UK
 Format: 12" LP
 Number of records: 1
 Catalogue number:

PCS 7142

 Catalogue number of side 1: YEX 841
 Catalogue number of side 2: YEX 842
 Matrix number of side 1: YEX 841 - 11 [machine stamped]
 Matrix number of side 2: YEX 842 - 1 [machine stamped]
 Mono or Stereo: Stereo
 Rotation speed: 33 1/3 rpm
 First release date: December 7, 1971

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WILD LIFE LP by Apple (UK) – sleeve, front side   WILD LIFE LP by Apple (UK) – sleeve, back side

Sleeve, front side

Обложка, лицевая сторона


Sleeve, back side

Обложка, оборотная сторона

WILD LIFE LP by Apple (UK) – spine

Spine - the front side of the sleeve up

Корешок - обложка расположена лицевой стороной вверх

WILD LIFE LP by Apple (UK) – yellow inner sleeve, front side   WILD LIFE LP by Apple (UK) – yellow inner sleeve, back side

Yellow inner sleeve for LP

Жёлтый внутренний пакет для пластинки

WILD LIFE LP by Apple (UK) – label, side 1   WILD LIFE LP by Apple (UK) – label, side 2

Label, side 1

Этикетка, сторона 1


Label, side 2

Этикетка, сторона 2


N Title and authors Time Comments
1.  Mumbo (Paul and Linda McCartney) 3:54  
2.  Bip Bop (Paul and Linda McCartney) 4:14
3.  Love Is Strange* (Baker-Smith) 4:50
4.  Wild Life (Paul and Linda McCartney) 6:48


N Title and authors Time Comments
1.  Some People Never Know (Paul and Linda McCartney) 6:35 When the album was issued first time on CD in 1987 unlisted tracks was titled "Bip Bop Link (instrumental)" and "Mumbo Link (instrumental)".
2.  I Am Your Singer (Paul and Linda McCartney) 2:15
   unlisted track 1 0:47
3.  Tomorrow (Paul and Linda McCartney) 3:28
4.  Dear Friend (Paul and Linda McCartney) 5:53
   unlisted track 2 0:43


WINGS are:
Paul McCartney – Bass guitar, guitar, piano, keyboards, percussion, vocals.
Linda McCartney – Keyboards, piano, percussion, vocals.
Denny Laine – Guitars, bass guitar, percussion, keyboards, vocals.
Denny Seiwell – Drums and percussion.

Engineers: Tony Clarke / Alan Parsons
Recorders: Dolmetsch
Photo: Barry Lategan
Typo: Gordon House
Label photo of Paul by Linda McCartney.
Label photo of Linda by Paul McCartney.

All tracks published by Northern Songs *except cover-song "Love In Strange" which published by Cromwell Music.
"Love In Strange" originally recorded in late 1956 by duet under the name Mickey & Sylvia.
Album was recorded in August 1971 except "Dear Friend" which was recorded in November-December 1970 during "Ram" album sessions in New York City.


When Paul and Linda McCartney were in New York recording 'RAM' they needed a drummer so they found a sweaty old basement in the West 40's and invited some drummers to play on a battered old drum kit. One of those who turned up and went straight for his torn toms was Denny Seiwell, a tall type with eight generations of drummers in his family, who played well and left the drum kit throbbing. After that, Paul, Linda and Denny played together on 'RAM' and then each took off for a holiday.

The Macs returned to Britain and during the time following wrote a bunch of songs at their country retreat.

When the time came to go recording again they rang Denny Laine, a Birmingham lad, and asked him if he was coming out to play. Replying in the affirmative he brought his faithful guitar, and he and the Macs, along with Denny S. (who had arrived from the States as if by magic carrying his wife who was drunk again) and his drums, proceeded.

They rehearsed for a while, sang some old songs, wrote some new ones and in time headed for the big city studios.

In three days they had laid down most of the tracks and by the end of a couple of weeks the album was finished.

In this wrapper is the music they made. Can you dig it?



Группа WINGS ("КРЫЛЬЯ") в составе:
Пол Макартни – басовая гитара, гитара, пиано, клавишные, перкуссия, вокал.
Линда Макартни – клавишные, пиано, перкуссия, вокал.
Денни Лейн – гитары, басовая гитара, перкуссия, клавишные, вокал.
Денни Сейвелл – ударные и перкуссия.

Инженеры записи: Тони Кларк и Алан Парсонс
Записывающая аппаратура: Dolmetsch
Фотограф обложки: Барри Латеган
Типография: Gordon House
Фотография Пола на этикетке первой стороны пластинки сделана Линдой Макартни.
Фотография Линды на этикетке второй стороны пластинки сделана Полом Макартни.

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